Successful IoT Strategic Alliances – Intel

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly emerging as a powerful culmination of technology requiring strategic alliances. It involves applying internet-connected chips, wireless communication, and computing power to everyday items such as thermostats and light bulbs. Now just about every manufactured product, including large industrial machines and tiny medical devices, can be part of IoT.  Continue reading

Alliances Improve the IoT Marketplace

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not the same as the Internet. IoT is not just a variation of the Internet. The Internet is the connection backbone of IoT.

If a lone individual posts a blog, like this article, or webpage on the Internet, they can exist happily whether or not anyone else visits the page. Continue reading

Taking The IoT Marketplace To The Edge

Cloud computing’s efficiency may well be challenged by the 50 billion devices that are predicted to connect to the Internet by 2020. That’s a massive amount of data produced and consumed by the Internet of Things (IoT). Forget gigs, terabytes or petabytes. Continue reading

Get Noticed as a Startup for Strategic Alliances in the IoT Marketplace

Relationship building and networking is gold to any startup. The more businesses and consumers your organization knows, the more opportunities inevitably come your way. Alliances and strategic partnerships within the IoT marketplace can be highly effective ways to build better products and a stronger business. Continue reading

Why Alliances for IoT Marketplace Success?

Creating alliances between companies involved in the IoT, (Internet of Things), can be tricky at times, but a requirement for entry into this marketplace.

The cold hard truth is that the IoT will not be able to survive if companies don’t create alliances between each other. There is not a single company that can provide all pieces of an IoT solution. It is very important that those involved in the IoT create partnerships.

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Alliance Organizations for the Internet of Things (IoT)

According to, a group of the largest heavy hitters in the IT world are forming what has been called the AllSeen Alliance with over 180 worldwide member companies. This alliance will take on the task of creating and maintaining unified standards for device-to-device communication. The Allseen Alliance announced its existence in 2013. It joins a number of forming alliances that are tasking themselves with the development of communication protocol standards to make the IoT operate smoothly. Continue reading