3rd Eagle, founded by serial entrepreneurs, is the only consulting practice that focuses exclusively on strategic alliances and the implementation of the powerful Alliance Compass to accelerate global revenue growth.

Having spent over 25 years developing alliances, George Tyler, founder of 3rd Eagle, created the Alliance Compass to aim companies towards their customers with the right alliance partnerships. Using assessment tools about customers and the Alliance Compass, companies are able to target the right strategic alliances that increase their business. 3rd Eagle’s experience in marketing, sales and management has lead to successful strategic alliances for hundreds of companies.

The Alliance Compass identifies the partners needed to gain new customers anywhere in the world. From this unique perspective, alliances are identified in the right geographical area, the best market niche, plus follow a full alliance lifecycle for maximum growth of the partnerships.

George has started several companies that grew as a consequence of his alliances building, as well as created partnerships within Fortune 500 companies. His alliances have spanned the globe. As an award winning speaker, he has spoken to audiences around the world, plus provided guidance to large and small corporations.

George, a Colorado native, has earned both technical and business degrees, and therefore he works comfortably with both executives and engineers.

He is a member of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP), the only worldwide organization dedicated to alliance formation and management. The company stays active in their local community to continually grow their alliances and assist clients with revenue expansion. He uses his own alliance network to expand his business.

Our goal is to create for you powerful strategic alliances through a consistent process to ensure all your alliances soar.

A 3rd Eagle:
In the game of golf, shooting an eagle means you scored 2 under par. This is a combination of lots of practice, great skill and some luck. An eagle is a hole in one for a par 3, two strokes on a par 4 and three stokes on a par 5. To score 2 eagles in a round, you are a remarkable golfer.

To achieve your 3rd Eagle, you must be a spectacular, consistent golfer; maybe even a little lucky. In the past 30 years, less than 25 golfers have achieved 3 eagles in a round of golf.

Our company is named after people who are spectacular and produce consistent results. We want to make sure your alliances achieve these same magnificent and reliable results.

All of your alliances should soar whether they are your first, second, third or one-hundredth. We can help you achieve those results.

3rd Eagle:
The original name involves some of our family history. Back in the 1930's, George Tyler's Grandfather, Dr. Barrett P. Tyler was a minister to the Arapahoe Indians in Ethete, Wyoming. During the four years the family was there, they were all made honorary members of the tribe. Dr. Tyler was called Bar-Cu. His three sons received the names: Little Shield, Yellow Eagle and Blue Eagle. George, one of the founders of 3rd Eagle, is the 3rd son of Blue Eagle. Hence the name 3rd Eagle. Just some history that you might find interesting.

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