Power Partners and Resellers
We developed and implemented a strategy for a software services company to find, farm and fuel a team of referral agents (Power Partners) and resellers. During our multiple year engagement, we drove a significant portion of the company’s overall revenue and profits. Installed customer base went from 0 to over 400 monthly subscriptions.

Customers’ Community
For local services companies, we developed partner profiles around the company’s customers. Our first step was to identify and assess the customers. In some cases, we found that the end user and the decision maker were two different people. We were able to identify new avenues of exposure for these companies with a primary focus on the decision makers. The end results were increased recognition and exposure in the community, plus more referral partners and a growth in revenue.

Global Partners
In the technology markets, software and hardware partners are key to gaining market acceptance. Worked with a hardware manufacturer to develop partners for new technology. The partners developed complementing products 3-4 months prior to the launch. When the products were announced, we launched a worldwide marketing program with the partners. A complete solution was immediately available for the customers. The result was millions of dollars in sales quickly for both the manufacturer and the partners.

OEM Partners
We have developed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) programs for software and hardware companies. From the initial testing of the software through the release of the products, we have found strategic alliances that complemented the products. The result was fast acceptance of new products for OEMs, who resold the products with the software from our alliance partners. Results included increase OEM sales.

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