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"3 Methods of Making Valuable Referrals," by George Tyler, Chief Alliance Officer, 3rd Eagle

As you grow your business and make connections in the community, someone will ask you for a referral – an introduction to someone else. How you handle this referral could influence your business, your career and your success.

People like to be helpful. It is our human nature. In the today’s extremely busy world, people don’t always put much thought or effort in making quality introductions. When you provide quality introductions and referrals, you leave a lasting impression. You become trusted.

There are 3 basic methods of providing referrals to fellow business people. 3 Methods of Making Valuable Referrals (pdf)

"Global Sustainability Through Corporate Collaboration," by George Tyler, Chief Alliance Officer, 3rd Eagle

The traditional business paradigm encouraged companies to secure their assets by remaining isolated from other corporations. While businesses still must protect their products and designs, there is a sentiment today that appreciates the benefits that the world gains when all business subscribe to collaboration to solve global issues.

The catalyst for this shift is the fact that business collaboration is required in a socially sustainable world. The advent of the virtual world and the social media storm that ensued has demonstrated the revolutionary power that exists when people work together. Global Sustainability Through Corporate Collaboration (pdf)

"9 New Steps for Managing Strategic Alliances That Work," by George Tyler, Chief Alliance Officer, 3rd Eagle

In a recent press release, Hallmark, the world's leading greeting card brand, announced a strategic alliance with Shutterfly Inc., a leading Internet-based digital photo site. The goal is to have “exclusive Hallmark-designed customizable cards featured on Shutterfly's new personalized greeting card site, Treat.com.”

According to Investopedia.com, a strategic alliance is…
…an arrangement between two companies that have decided to share resources to undertake a specific, mutually beneficial project.

Different from joint ventures – which generally involve pooling resources to create an entirely new business entity – strategic alliances allow companies to maintain their autonomy while engaging in an entirely new business opportunity for mutual gain. 9 New Steps for Managing Strategic Alliances That Work (pdf)

"Power Partners: The Best Business Strategy," by George Tyler, Chief Alliance Officer, 3rd Eagle

Power Partners is a compelling concept. Simply put, it is a group of businesses that band together to use and promote the products of the other businesses in the group. There is an old song; “No Man is an Island.” No one can do it alone in the business world.

As much as we might want to think that we can win the battle alone; it just does not work that way. No matter what your line of business, you cannot afford to stand alone. You need people promoting your business and helping to build your clientele. Yes, we have many online marketing tools to help us out, but what is better than “word of mouth,” especially when it comes from people you trust. Power Partners: The Best Business Strategy (pdf)

"Do Airplanes Have Horns? ," by George Tyler, Chief Alliance Officer, 3rd Eagle

In the not so distant past, my niece’s four-year old son, Hollis, was getting on a plane. Hollis is a frequent traveler. As usual, the energetic four-year old ran down the gangway in excitement. He just about ran into the captain’s legs at the entrance to the plane. As he looked up at the uniformed woman, Hollis asked, “Do planes have horns?”

In all my global travels, I have never thought to make this inquiry. Do you have the same curiosity as a four-year old? For those of you who have spent time around children, either your own or someone else’s, you know that children constantly ask questions. “Why?” becomes a common query. Children learn by asking questions, and yet as adults, we have forgotten how. Have we discouraged others from asking? Do Airplanes Have Horns? (pdf)

"Realizing your Entrepreneurial Vision," by George Tyler, Chief Alliance Officer, 3rd Eagle

Question: Can you become a successful entrepreneur?
Answer: Yes, but you can’t do it alone.

Entrepreneurs begin by creating a vision. The vision states what your company does, why it is in business and what it will achieve. From this vision, a company strategy emerges. It describes the actions the company will take to make the vision a reality. Your company’s future pain and success is a function of 1) whether your vision serves the needs of the marketplace and 2) how successfully your company implements its strategy. Realizing your Entrepreneurial Vision(pdf)

"Finding the Right Alliances to Double Sales," by George Tyler, Chief Alliance Officer, 3rd Eagle

Today’s business climate requires more sales with less effort and less employees. Finding the right strategic business alliance can double sales. Picking the wrong partners costs you money, time and revenue. The wrong alliance partnerships is like eating chocolate-covered jalapenos, they start out sweet and bite you in the end. Finding the Best Strategic Alliances to Double Sales(pdf)

"Sales Success Requires a Tracking Process, Tracking your follow-up determines your success," by George Tyler, Chief Alliance Officer, 3rd Eagle

The world’s oldest profession is selling. Before anyone can purchase or use any service or product, they must be sold. Everyone in your company should be selling, as they are an ambassador for the company, no matter where they are. This is very evident in today’s social media world, where employees need to heed what they post on a public web site. Sales Success requires a tracking process(pdf)

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