The Best Sales Strategy: Fix the Customerís Problem

Whenever you go into a sales meeting, you are on the spot. Your goal is to explain why your prospect should use your companyís product (or service). The best way to convince them is through demonstration.

Demonstrating what your product can do for them is a great†sales strategy. However, itís even better if you can demonstrate how your product will fix this customerís current problem. What is the pain that the customer is experiencing?

Defining the Customerís Problem†

Your goal is to help your customer. Your product must fulfill a need. Hopefully, this need has previously gone unfulfilled. But what exactly is that need and how will your product help?Continue reading

Land a Sale by Tracking Sales Leads

Your small business exists because it has a product or service to sell. However, you canít have a sale if you donít have a buyer. And you canít have a buyer if you donít successfully generate and track sales leads.

What Exactly is a Sales Lead?

In general, a sales lead is a potential customer who previously indicated an interest in your product or service. They are not a customerÖyet. Your job (or that of your sales reps) is to sway that individual or business so that they become your customer.

Seems like an easy enough task. Continue reading

Tracking Sales Losses is Important, Too

Everyone wants to win. Companies love tracking sales growth. But what about the losses? Donít overlook them. They are important to your company as well.

In the MediaPost article, ď9 Metrics Every Company Should Use,Ē writer and senior vice president of strategy and solutions Martha Bush, suggests:

As the number of sales channels continues to increase, so has the need for organizations to get a strong, metrics-based grip on all that data to maximize their successes and learn from their failures.

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