If You’re an Entrepreneur, Only the Strong Survive – If You Have a Business Plan

Some entrepreneurs may disagree with this assessment; however, according to a 2009 MSNBC.com article, “Economic cycles are Darwinian, picking off weak companies and leaving survivors stronger.”

The good news is that the survivors often benefit as their competitors disappear. Unless, that is, you haven’t planned ahead.

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Joint Ventures Must Be Mutually Beneficial

It’s hard to imagine peanut butter’s success without jelly and vice versa.  Without the unique qualities of both these elements, the PB&J would have its anonymity.  Like this staple sandwich, so many businesses are also making successful names for themselves through their wise joint ventures with other companies.

Choosing just the right partner, however, is just as important as selecting that special someone in your personal life.  If you don’t find a genuine, natural fit, it could be disastrous to both your companies.

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Collaboration – Tips for Better Presentations

If you are like me, then you have been forced to suffer through your share of presentations given by uninspired, uninterested and disorganized people. “I can do better than that. Much better!” One might say. But one might also find that when the time comes to collaborate on one’s own presentation, that creating an experience of oratory (plus visuals!) that will wake up the back row is more difficult than it might initially seem.

That being said, as I have already said, going into a business presentation, people are not necessarily expecting anything amazing – so use that to your advantage by providing the audience with something amazing. And here are a few ways to do so. Continue reading

Corporate Collaboration Leads to Global Sustainability

The traditional business paradigm encouraged companies to secure their assets by remaining isolated from other corporations. While businesses still must protect their products and designs, there is a sentiment today that appreciates the benefits that the world gains when all business subscribe to collaboration to solve global issues.

The catalyst for this shift is the fact that business collaboration is necessary in a socially sustainable world (from Mashable Social Media). The advent of the virtual world and the social media storm that ensued has demonstrated the revolutionary power that exists when people work together.

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Land a Sale by Tracking Sales Leads

Your small business exists because it has a product or service to sell. However, you can’t have a sale if you don’t have a buyer. And you can’t have a buyer if you don’t successfully generate and track sales leads.

What Exactly is a Sales Lead?

In general, a sales lead is a potential customer who previously indicated an interest in your product or service. They are not a customer…yet. Your job (or that of your sales reps) is to sway that individual or business so that they become your customer.

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