The Advantages of Value Added Resellers (VAR)

In the world of business there are many benefits to producing products as Value Added Resellers (VAR).  In the computer industry, a company that makes the hardware can increase the value of their product, if they offer a specific type of software as standard on the computers they make.  The computer maker and the software creator work together to provide a new and more valuable product.

The advantages to the partners involved as VAR are numerous.  In order to expand their customer base, a company won’t need to invest assets into developing a competitive new product.  They can simply find a product or service that complements what they offer and work to form an alliance.

The investment needed to coordinate the selling and packaging of two different organizations will require time and money.  Both companies will be selling the new product simultaneously to new and established customers.  This is a very cost effective way for both companies to expand their customer base.

VAR is a situation where a small local company can offer its products or services that complement a small local company in another country.  Each business will then have an opportunity to increase their international presence.  It is also a way to learn how business is conducted in other parts of the world.

Two companies involved as VAR will want their joint venture to succeed.  They will share experiences and provide knowledge to one another when it comes to marketing, advertising and more.  Both companies will have an opportunity to learn from one another.

Being VAR could also provide each company with an increase in market share over their competition.  Each company may have a percentage of their market, but if they can offer more than their competition, they have a definite advantage.

Joining with another company to become Value Added Resellers (VAR) is a big step.  It requires a close examination of how the deal should be structured to benefit each business involved.

When considering such an alliance, it is important to contact 3rd Eagle and see if it really is a good deal.  They have all the knowledge and experience necessary to know the best possible VAR situation for each company involved.  Contact 3rd Eagle today and learn more.

— by George Tyler

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