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Everyone has a dream to make it big with one invention or idea that could change the world. Before embarking on that dream, however, it is important to lay the foundation for your success. Remember, you are leaving the security of a steady paycheck to pursue your dream as an entrepreneur. Therefore, one cannot simply make this huge leap without careful planning and even some soul searching.
It takes a lot of courage, patience, and persistence to have a business up and running. Without the security of the corporate world where paychecks come regularly, having a business is indeed a challenging and risky endeavor.-

So, exactly what does it take to become a successful entrepreneur?

  • Expertise in the product or business you are launching. You can’t market something if you do not possess the experience or education about your product. Do your research and if necessary, secure the assistance of individuals with experience in the product or business you are about to launch.
  • A drive to succeed. The road to becoming a successful entrepreneur is full of ups and downs, especially in the start-up phase. Expect the unexpected and deal with the valleys as well as the peaks to make your product or business succeed. It will all pay off in the long run.
  • A firm financial ground. Start-up businesses are often cash-strapped so knowing how to properly invest your money is crucial. For example, you can save a substantial amount of money by establishing a proprietorship rather than a corporation. Also, conserve resources by starting up your business in your home as well as utilizing any equipment you may already have on hand rather than investing in anything new until your business gets off the ground.
  • Extended working hours. As the business owner, you will be doing all of the groundwork to get your company and product off the ground. Everything from formulating the business plan to the hiring of any assistants or employees is in your hands.

So, exactly what does one need to do to be on their way to becoming an entrepreneur?

  1. The first and most important step is to build a business plan.  Companies that began with a plan have 50% more profits on the average than non-planned businesses.
  2. After you have decided upon the structure of your business, whether it be a proprietorship or a corporation, then you must register the business with state authorities. You may also be required to pull a sales tax license and a zoning permit.
  3. Establish your accounting system. This is necessary to keep a clear picture of the financials and avert fiscal failure.
  4. Obtain insurance for the business to protect against lawsuits and disaster.

Now you are ready to get customers and build strategic alliances.  You might want to align up paying customers before you even start the business so that you don’t spend too much time without cash.  Remember, cash flow is extremely important and without proper planning cash flow can kill the company. Your alliance partners can help you gain more customers and cash.

Although the tasks involved in becoming an entrepreneur may sound daunting, the fruits of your labor will be many. Being your own boss, direct profits from your business, and a sense of accomplishment are just a few of the rewards you will reap. For assistance with starting up your business as well as access to many resources and, contact us today at 3rd Eagle.


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