Start the Sales Process by Targeting the Best Customers

Regardless of what you sell – product or service – or how you sell – brick and mortar, online, or both – the first step in the sales process is to identify the right customers for your business. Understanding who your customer is will help you know where to find them.

According to the recent Business Insider article, “It’s 2012, Do You Know Who Your Customer Is?” a recent survey about customer data tracking found:

  • 2% of respondents don’t capture name, address and email
  • 11% don’t collect mobile phone numbers
  • 14% don’t track nor plan to track transaction data
  • 36% don’t collect customer feedback/survey data
  • 40% have no plans to track basic demographic data such as household size and income
  • Over 60% don’t collect nor plan to collect their customers’ social media handles

These figures are amazing, as it seems to be only logical that if you are in business to serve customers, you should know who those customers are and where to find them. So if you don’t yet know who your customers are, look at your current customers as a start. Or can help.

On the other hand, if you know who your customers are and want to find more, here are some suggestions you might want to try:

  • Referrals from Current Satisfied Customers. There’s no better source for new customers than to receive an endorsement and introduction from a current customer. Have you ever held a Raving Fans Party?
  • Professional Associations and Organizations. If you have contacts in your community, this is the perfect place to meet new prospects.
  • Trade Shows and Conventions. Even if you aren’t in a position to attend a trade show as an exhibitor, consider going as an attendee.
  • Mailing Lists. Conduct an Internet search and you’ll find an extensive list of sources and suggestions for buying the perfect mailing list.

And for more assistance in identifying where your customers live, play, and work, contact 3rd Eagle. We instruct, mentor, and advise companies on how to structure, launch, and manage strategic alliances. We understand the sales process from front to back.

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