Goes Together Like Peas and Carrots

There are many things that go together so well that many people think of them that way. Such as peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, salt and pepper, or spaghetti and meatballs. Value Added Resellers (VAR) can take your company to the next level by creating a partnership that fits together just like those famous pairs. By pairing your products with products from another company, you enter into a win/win situation. Both companies are able to increase sales by offering an improved product, as well as accessing a customer base from each company.

Companies have been pairing up for centuries to increase sales for both, from the first commercial offering free items if you purchase their item, to software companies pairing up with the computer industry to produce ready to use computers. Anyone purchasing an electronic product today will have pre-loaded software from virus protection to specific media players. Smartphones, game systems, tablets, and other electronics help each other by collaborating to get the products out to the same customers.

The VAR can add value to your product in many different ways. When looking for products to market jointly with yours, you can consider many different benefits:

  • Easier usage – this would be an addition that makes your product easier to use, such as including a mouse pad in the package with a new mouse.
  • Saves a customer time or money – such as including software on a computer that they would have had to go out and purchase at a higher price.
  • Similarity in product – adding a screwdriver set with the purchase of a power drill increases the appeal of the drill, as it offers more than just the drill.
  • Thinking outside the box – there may be products that do not fit hand in hand with your company’s product, but instead compliments it. Partnering waffles with chicken on a breakfast menu may seem very unusual to many people, however it is a big seller for many restaurants. There have been many partnerships of two seemingly incompatible items that are now commonplace.

The key to making a partnership with a value added reseller is to join products that will appeal to customers, making a connection that makes as much sense as bacon and eggs. If you are interested in more information on how you can make a value added reseller work for your company, we would love to help you with the process.

— by George Tyler

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