Marketing Effectively within Your Channels of Distribution

When you are in business, you need all of the help that you can get. This includes being strategic with every move. The channels of distribution need to be considered when you create marketing campaigns.

There are three general types of channels. Knowing more about each one can help you considerably with marketing more effectively.

B2B (Business to Business)

B2B is when you are in the business of working with other businesses. Your consumer is another business. They are going to use your product for themselves. As such, when you create a marketing campaign, you want to appeal to how it’s going to help their business. You want to solve a problem that they are having, such as trying to improve productivity or contribute more to the bottom line.

B2C (Business to Consumer)

B2C is when you are in the business of selling to consumers. You need to establish a buyer persona where you identify more about who your target customer is. This will include identifying their gender, age range, occupation, and yearly income. By taking this step, you can create better marketing strategies. It can also make it easier for your ad copy and website content to speak more effectively to those you are trying to reach. It may even help to conduct surveys to learn more about the spending habits of your target audience.

B2B2C (Business to Business to Consumer)

This is a combination of the two above. You market and sell to a group of businesses that sell your products to the consumers. This channel is extremely common. Now you create a marketing campaign to grow your channel of business resellers. Then create marketing campaigns to help these resellers attract new consumers.

In the end, you want all the help you can get to improve your return on investment. When you need help creating a roadmap, contact us at 3rd Eagle.


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