Three Proven Ways to Maximize Your Alliances!

Communicate with alliancesOnce you have made the essential connections necessary to develop alliances and ignite your business, it is important to maintain them! As with any relationship, your alliance must be nurtured to be successful. Regular monitoring required!

Here are three proven ways to maintain your alliances, and maximize your results:

Follow Through

You created this alliance for a purpose. So did the other party. To have the most positive (and successful) relationship, it is important that both parties reap the benefits of the partnership. Take advantage of the connections and resources that your ally makes available to you. Use them to your advantage. When your ally makes a referral to you, make sure that you represent them well. Make good on the commitments you make. Likewise, hold your ally accountable for being reliable for you.


Effective communication is critical in maintaining your alliances. Clearly stated expectations, kind and direct communication, and courtesy should never be underestimated. Communicate on a regular basis. Share objectives. Also, always remember to express gratitude when your ally provides a referral or a service for you!


It is important to remember that the way we speak of other organizations and entities, even in casual conversation, can create a powerful impression in the minds of others. When speaking about an alliance, make sure to do it in a positive way. Use social media positively for your ally. Do not air grievances or express frustration publicly. Take concerns or frustrations directly to the other party. Respect their reputation, just as you would want them to respect yours. This practice reflects just as well on your organization as it does on them.

With 30 years of experience in building successful alliances, 3rd Eagle can make your alliances simple and profitable for you! If you would like more information, please contact us.


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