Use Alliance Management to “Get it Right”, because Alliances Have Limitless Potential

If your business is stagnant and needs a fresh and new division, product or service; or if you’re a new business and you need credibility or access to an established customer base, an alliance is a great way to get where you need to be.

Why Use Alliance Management?

Historically, alliances have changed some of the largest companies we know; allowed older companies to expand in small ways, to stay current with the times; and contributed to social and international relations. When you stop to consider some of these alliances, you realize that, if you form one properly, an alliance has the potential to change your company and the world in astounding ways:

Giving an Old Company a New Face

Since 1938, Disney has had a relationship with Hewlett-Packard. The computer company supplied the creative firm with machinery at various times; and Disney employed them to develop its virtual attraction called Mission: SPACE. This attraction was the most technologically advanced Disney had ever created at the time, and helped to give Disney a newer, more current image.

Helping Businesses Expand into International Markets

Instead of building new beer factories when it was time to expand, Anhueser-Busch sold the rights to brew its beer to popular beer manufacturers throughout the world, (Kirin in Japan, Modelo in Mexico and Labatt in Canada). Busch Beer now has divisions throughout the world, yes; but its expansion was seamless and rapid.


Helping Businesses Demonstrate Commitment to the Good of Mankind695552959_65ef276586_n

Starbucks joined forces with the NAACP to publicly demonstrate its commitment to economic and social justice. Not only is an alliance like this good publicity, it is a great way to help others that would never have access to such a great deal of corporate money and publicity.

For these reasons and dozens more, alliances are popular and effective growth strategies that any company can use to get ahead. Contact us to find out how to get started.

– by George Tyler

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