Alliance Performance Coaching: Which Coach Do You Choose?

With the number of business alliances soaring, alliance performance coaching becomes even more essential.

An article from Forbes talks about why coaching is vital for any partnership. In this piece of literature, the author makes it clear that no matter the past relationships that you have had with your partner, it pays to hire a coach. As he puts it, “Whether or not you knew each other beforehand, launching a business will change your relationship.” Therefore, to thrive in any joint venture, you have to incorporate performance coaching services. However, how do you make certain that the coach you go for will be rewarding for your business?

Prior to hiring one, make sure that you inquire about a coach’s experience. Let him or her address such queries as when their coaching has failed, when and why they chose to be a coach. You can as well ask them to give an example of a success story. This gives you a clear picture of what they are capable of and what they are not.

On the same note, do not disregard training. You need to know where the coach you are planning on hiring was trained. They have to deduce proof of their qualifications so to say. Without proper training, a coach may not be in a position to bring experiences and skills in the alliance coaching arena in a professional manner.

Then, there is the approach that the coach uses to address issues. What methodology or style will they use to monitor the performance of either party? Ensure that the candidate gives you a clear distinction between life coaching, mentoring and business coaching. With this distinction, you will be able to determine whether business coaching is the appropriate step to take. It helps you know issues that can and cannot be addressed through coaching.

The practical bit of it matters too. You need to know where and when the coaching will be taking place. The norm of coaching is via face-to-face sessions. However, you can organize off-site sessions whereby you do not have to meet personally. This is especially the case if there are geographical constraints.

Application of the above tips will guarantee that the alliance performance coach you pick guides you toward wealth maximization. They will help you closely monitor your partner as well as their contribution to the business. For more details about alliance coaching, please contact us.

– by George Tyler

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