Collaboration in Small Business: Who Needs It?

Chances are the answer to the above question is easy: we all do. However, what exactly is the benefit of having a business collaborator? Many of us just don’t like other people getting involved in our own business. Too many people having a say in how a business is run can slow efficiency and even detract from business quality. This does not include any personal frustrations from working with people with whom we simply do not like. But small business collaboration brings advantages to the table that make it worth the trouble. That’s why it’s so important to choose your business collaborators carefully.

A business collaboration is a relationship two or more businesses have with one another that benefit all involved. Perhaps one business specializes in peanut butter and wants to reach out for many new customers. Another business making jelly provides a solution to the same customers, but together they expand both of their markets with BP&J sandwiches. By collaborating with one another, these two businesses can spare high resource expenditures and increase the quantity of products each provides.

Are you a cafe owner looking for a great location to start your small business? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to collaborate with a locally owned bakery to make an appealing breakfast option for many commuters in the early morning? Childcare providers would benefit a great deal from knowing where the local pediatricians are. Simply letting parents know that you work closely with local health care professionals is going to make them feel safer leaving their children with you, and it’s going to help the local collaborator because it’s essentially free advertising.

There’s more to collaborators than just pure location practicality. There are also collaboration opportunities in the supply and production chain, deliveries — both local and global, and timesaving-shared office space. Consider a pet sitter who also offers grooming services.

Where would Apple be without collaborating with software companies? Without Apps, the iPhone is just another mobile phone. With the Apps, you have a mobile computer that makes phone calls. This is the same strategy used by Microsoft for the PC.

No matter what business you are in, chances are you, just like the rest of us, would gain substantially from involving practical collaborators in your company. The only real remaining question is this: how do you choose a business collaborator? That’s where we come in. 3rd Eagle specializes in focusing on your businesses needs and matching these with potential collaborators. Our business is helping you with yours.

For more information on how we can help you set up collaborations with other small businesses, contact us soon. We’ll be happy to help you find the people you need for your business to succeed.


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