Entrepreneurs: One with the Spirit of Change

There seems to be a growing trend. The number of entrepreneurs is increasing. People, whose life are in an upheaval, discover that their real passions become the fuel that drives their work. This work becomes their source of revenue. There are several reasons for this:

  • Jobs, thought to be stable careers, are no longer jobs to be counted on for life.
  • Highly skilled people have been pushed out of their jobs and have countered this by growing home-based businesses of their own.
  • The state of the economy is hard to predict these days. People are finding other means to earn revenue.
  • Stay at home Moms, who are ready to resume their careers, are finding it difficult to get their foot in the door.

Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken,” speaks about traveling along a path until it splits. Each of the two paths goes in different directions. This poem is the story of our lives. Repeatedly, we are forced to make decisions not know the outcome. The only way out of this dilemma, is to dig deeply into our souls and make the decision that seems best for us.

Is the road leading to traditional work, any better than the road taken by an entrepreneurial spirit? No one knows for sure, and therein lays the problem. We all have the gift of free will and choose as we see fit. We have to make a decision. Sometimes we find that we have taken the wrong path. Then it is best to return to the fork in the road and go in the opposite direction. At other times, we realize that we have made the right choice and must keep moving forward, no matter how difficult it is.

If for us, the road chosen leads us to become entrepreneurs, then we must reach down into our hearts to find out what we love to do. Then make a business out of that passion. Creating a business means:

  • Taking the time to tie our dreams into our profession
  • Establishing the processes that will govern profession
  • Creating, easy to evaluate “points of arrival” to determine if we are there, yet
  • Being able to take the time needed to evaluate ourselves honestly

3rd Eagle makes the impossible possible by giving the entrepreneurs the tools and support they need, by an experienced company whose only goal is to see the client successful.

3rd Eagle also believes in concepts such as:

  • Learning from one another
  • Having a coach to inspire and guide the establishing business
  • Doing all that we can to keep the  process moving
  • Being open to thinking differently
  • Aiming for success

All it takes is a few minutes to contact us and make us your partner. In return for your trust, 3rd Eagle will teach you how to fly above the competition. 3rd Eagle will take your ideas, strategies, hopes, and dreams to find the practices that will work best for you. No man or business grows alone. 3rd Eagle wants you to succeed perhaps even more than you may want to. Why? When one succeeds, all succeed. Isn’t that what business is all about? An entrepreneur who is open to new ideas and different ways of thinking has a much better success rate than an entrepreneur who is closed and set in his or her way.


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