Choosing a Matchmaker to Help Find Business Partners

Most people think of a matchmaker as someone who arranges romantic relationships. However, you can apply the term matchmaker to most anyone who introduces you to potential partners, such as business partners.

Meeting and developing a relationship with the right partners can be a difficult task. Just ask all the single people in the world seeking to make the right love connection. Not only do you need to find potential places to find a partner, you also have to find the right person once you’re there. While you could do it yourself, it can take a lot of time and effort.

Instead, a business matchmaker – an expert in cultivating strategic partnerships – may have:

  • More potential opportunities for finding the right match
  • More business contacts and know where to find better matches
  • Better experience and specialized expertise in building alliances

For these reasons, a business matchmaker is better equipped to help you manage business negotiations and communications with potential business partners. Of course, that means you now have to find the right business matchmaker. As you look, consider these three areas.

Documentation. Fully protect intellectual properties and trade secrets. Develop proof of concept materials. Prepare non-compete and non-disclosure forms. Get your business documents in good order. Put it all in writing.

Relationship. Before you can develop business relationships, you first need to develop one with your matchmaker. Test the relationship by working on small projects at first. Establish expectations, observe the commitment, and make sure you share the same values and a common goal.

Timing. Not only do you need to make sure now is the right time to develop business partners, make sure to give any new relationships time to develop. Don’t go into this expecting overnight success. Understand that, just like a romantic relationship, you have to be in it for the long haul if you want to succeed.

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