3 Tips to Follow for Business Collaboration

Collaboration is a powerful tool in business. Many times your organization can collaborate with another business to produce amazing results that otherwise would not have been obtained. We will discuss 3 tips to follow when collaborating with another business:

Tip One: Open Communication is king. To be successful in the collaborative process organizations must adopt a less hierarchical method for distributing information. Open lines of communication allow organization members to have more insight into what’s happening with in the company, this allows them to feel as though they are truly part of the business. Other benefits to this are heightened transparency and quicker more informed decision making. The best collaborations have good communication, the ones that don’t fail.

Tip 2: Recognize who’s got the power. We all know every organization has its movers and shakers; they are not necessarily the executives but still have a certain amount of power due to their successes. The same goes for collaborations’ some individuals immediately jump into the fold while others are hesitant. Get those movers and shakers from both organizations involved from the onset. Once the rest of the group sees they will jump in, because they want the same success and accolades or they see the “jewel” employees of the company cooperating that brings validation to the process so they in term participate fully.

Tip Three: Outline Goals. The key to any successful collaborative effort is having an understanding of both businesses expectations. Start with long term goals, and work backwards to arrive a short terms goals. Be sure to clearly communicate the objectives avoid convoluted and overly confusing explanation’s. Describe, the processes let members know what is expected of them so they can do the job better. Just in case things get shaky or problems arise be sure to have a plan to identify conflicts.

By considering these 3 frameworks, you can utilize and leverage business collaboration to obtain impressive results.

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