Strategic Alliances Take on New Importance With the Emergence of Big Data Technologies.

Major strategic alliances are forming to cope with a flood of data.  With the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT), the proliferation of computers and sensors creates more and more data daily. An event flyer  advertising for the New Jersey Big Data Alliance Symposium puts it this way:

Success in big data comes from Strategic Alliances“The proliferation of data sources and the resultant deluge of digital data is significantly impacting all sectors of industry, academia and society.”

Large data creates challenges with the collection, management and analysis for many industry sectors. Transportation, storage and analysis of large data sets become an issue for all vertical markets. Part of the answer in terms of handling the rapid growth of data lies in forming strategic alliances.

The strategic alliance Accenture created with Cloudera to create a solution for Accenture’s global clients. From an article by Heather Clancy from June 24, 2014 on

“Global systems integrator and consulting company Accenture is aligning itself more closely with Cloudera, with the aim of providing its clients with access to the service provider’s Apache Hadoop-powered enterprise data hub.”  

The open source Apache Hadoop Projects focuses on solutions for scalable and distributed computing. The alliance between Accenture and Cloudera focuses on the services for industry-specific consulting related to governance and data protection concerns.

Here’s another real bright spot, something that arguably brings out the best in strategic alliances for large data:

“Red Hat and Hortonworks, provider of one of the most popular Apache Hadoop distributions, expanded their existing strategic alliance on Monday as part of an effort to make it easier than ever to bring Hadoop into the enterprise in production environments,”

by Thor Olavsrud, Red Hat and Hortonworks Expand Strategic Big Data Alliance, February 10, 2014 in  Linux and Hadoop naturally go together (both are open source technologies) so as can be expected, “Our (Red Hats’ and Hortonworks’) mutual customers complement both their Hadoop strategy and commitment to community-driven open source innovation,” Connolly says, citing the same article quoted above.

Big data is opening more and more avenues for strategic alliances and most any business involved in today’s high-technology should seek after these fantastic opportunities.

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