How Strategic Alliances can take your business to the next level


You have a great product or service to offer. You have a strong dedicated team supporting your business. You have clients and customers for whom you create value. As your business grows, Strategic Alliances with carefully selected, like-minded companies and individuals can be the gunpowder that ignites your business – taking it to new heights!

However, what is a strategic alliance, and how is it different from ordinary networking?

Just as there is increased value in working with clients that are a right-fit for your business model, this same principle applies to networking! Strategic Alliances are about identifying the people and places where you can gain the resources and relationships that you need to support growth and productivity. By focusing your energy on building connections from which you can attain the most value, you maximize your time and improve your ROI (after all, time is money!).

The benefits are well worth the effort!

Access to New Clients

If you are seeking to branch into a brand new market, a Strategic Alliance with an organization that is already tapped-in can offer many benefits. You can instantly gain access to a completely new network of potential clients and contacts, saving you money and expediting your growth.

Gain Qualified Referrals

Potential customers and clients will always place more weight in a referral from someone they trust. Partnering organizations can help to introduce right-fit clients to you, or can bring you onboard to help accomplish a client’s goals within your area of expertise. This provides tremendous potential for growth and new business, and helps to share a positive narrative (and generate a little buzz!) for your organization.

Be a Hero!

Strategic Alliances also allow you to make qualified referrals to your clients and customers! You may be able to help save them time and stress by offering to introduce an organization that can help them with a specific need or concern. This will strengthen the relationship with your partnering organization, and will give you a chance to “be the hero!” for your client – serving them in their time of need! There is no better marker of excellent customer service!

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