The Secret to an Indestructible Alliance Management Strategy


Alliance ManagementWith the amount of time and effort it takes to build a powerful indestructible strategic alliance and then properly manage it, you probably can’t help but wonder if there is some big secret to the success of alliance management. Is there some “hack” that will put you on the fast track? The simple, but slightly disappointing truth is that there is no big secret. Instead, there’s plenty of information that you can continue to discover, study, and implement into your management plans. In this post, we will take a look at a few “secret” things that make an indestructible alliance management strategy.

  1. Consider Investing in a Strategic Manager:

    After spending time building your strategic alliance, you can start to put it on auto-pilot. This by no means is to say you can just neglect it. That will quickly destroy your alliance. Instead, you could consider recruiting a strategic manager who has a wealth of expert knowledge on maintaining and growing strategic alliances. This will allow you to foster the strongest alliance possible while freeing up your time and permitting you to focus on other aspects of your business.

  2. Pencil in Brainstorming Sessions:

    Obviously and indisputably, regular communication is a requirement. Managing a strategic alliance requires a process. But companies that truly want to manage and grow their alliances will dedicate the time to gather, collaborate, and let the creative conversation flow. The smartest companies don’t just do the bare minimum to uphold an alliance. They go above and beyond and get passionate with their alliance partners.

Looking for more tips? As a result, guiding smart companies in their search for effective and beneficial alliances between businesses is how we help you. Contact us for more information.


George Tyler is Chief Alliance Officer for 3rd Eagle, a boutique consulting team devoted to enhancing strategic alliances to grow your market share.

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