Collaboration Improves Business Growth

There is an element of business that is completely competitive, but there is more to it than that. For the most part, people think of business as a dog eat dog environment, but there are some moments when it is better to work with other businesses through collaboration.

Always Be Mindful Of What You Say

Based on the fact that so many people believe that business is always about competition, there are some people who say things that they shouldn’t. It is never a good idea to bad mouth even a competitor too much, as you may need to collaborate with them in the future. says this about not burning bridges,

The person, department or functional area you criticize today may be the ally you need tomorrow. Even if you are grinding gears with another part of the organization, never diminish, disparage or dehumanize people from another tribe. Remember the REAL OPPONENT is out there, not in here.

Using The Best Of Both Worlds

The main point of collaboration is to play off of the strengths of another. In return, you offer them the best that you have as well. For example, there could be one business that has a prime market position in a certain region of the world. Your business has not penetrated that market but is interested in doing so. You could team up with that other company and perhaps offer them the research data that you have on the region that they may not have access to. They give you some sales leads, and you give them the data. It is a collaborative trade that could work well for both partners.

Growth Through Collaboration

At this point it should be rather obvious that collaboration does work and can be used in a variety of scenarios. It is a good idea to give it a try when you see an opportunity for expansion and general business growth. Everyone wants to see their business work and be profitable, so it is best to try to look for collaborative opportunities as they arise.

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–George Tyler

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