Ahead of the Curve: Alliances in Emerging VR IoT Marketplace

Alliances emerging VROver a year ago, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave Virtual Reality (VR) a huge push in to the mainstream. He announced that Facebook is investing in building the future of virtual reality.  This endorsement of VR by Facebook is essentially shouting to the world to get ready. The era of “social VR” is coming due to support from large companies. To make the industry succeed, alliances must be in emerging VR marketplace.

Hold on to your Oculus VR headsets, folks…your virtual high school reunion is on its way!

In addition, it is not just Zuckerberg.  Economists have been hand-wringing for the last decade about the dearth of tech innovation. Now they have begun to rumble about the transformative power of VR for world economies.  Stolid industries like classroom education, shopping, real estate and construction are on the cusp of a revolution. This will create demand for virtual goods and services. This results in a need for highly specialized designers, programmers and graphic artists.

Alliances in Emerging VR and IoT

A massive collaboration will occur in the tech marketplace. As Q-Bit Tech’s VR blog

“To make up a virtual reality space, you need 3D models, animations, sound, images and so on. To make all this run smoothly in a shared environment, allowing people to experience it in real time, it takes a lot of power and speed. Where this power and speed lies, is in the Internet, or what we currently call the Internet of Things.” 

IoT (Internet of Things) is an enabler for VR. In other words, to make the VR revolution work, a massive amount of coordinated strategic vision and computing power will be required. The IoT will deliver it by learning to cooperate.  Alliances are the future of the IoT marketplace. The most successful companies in the emerging VR market will be those who identify and establish synergistic partnerships.

As a result, guiding smart companies in their search for effective and beneficial alliances between businesses is how we help you. Contact us for more information.


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