5 Ways to Collaborate With a Fellow Business

Forming company-client bonds is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Keeping customers coming back will provide you with stability and allow you room for potential growth. Collaboration with fellow businesses is just as important, because it allows you to develop relationships with companies that you can depend on. The ability to collaborate means that your company is flexible and dependable –something that will entice other companies to collaborate as well. Although collaborating isn’t the easiest of businesses tasks and can often be frustrating, we’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to ensure a smooth and beneficial collaboration.

  1. Research the organization you are going to collaborate with. Don’t just look up their website, but check out news outlets as well to see how they stack up with public opinion and local media. Social Media is also a great way to determine public opinion of the company, by viewing the number of “likes” and checking out user reviews and comments.
  2. Support the efforts of the company. Check out local events that they are holding and send a representative to get the scoop on whats happening. This person can go to the event and introduce themselves while mingling with the new company, boosting your reputation and showing that you are genuinely interested. Social media can also help show your support of a company. Liking and sharing their posts on your page will show them and your customers that you support the organization.
  3. Test out their product. Whether it is a company that produces a physical item or provides an intangible electronic service, find a way to test it out and see how it works. This will be useful later on when you contact the organization about collaborating and it will allow you to provide useful feedback on their product.
  4. See how you can help them. After gaining a substantial amount of information about the company and their function, you are ready to determine what kind of relationship you would like to have. It is important that you develop a win-win scenario, where you can explain the benefits that both of your companies will recieve by working together.
  5. Contact the company about collaborating. Different forms of communication are different depending on the scenario, but the most important part is that you are informed and prepared. Reaching out through email, phone, or social media can all be ways to contact them. Phone is a more direct way of contacting and may encourage an immediate response. Email or social media can be better merely expressing interest and for giving the company time to learn more about your company as well.

Collaborating with a fellow business can be one of the most important steps for mutual long-term success. With 30 years of experience in strategic alliances and management, 3rd Eagle is dedicated to helping you form strong, beneficial bonds. Contact us to become a part of our success and start collaborating with others.

— by George Tyler

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