Sales Strategies Heading into 2013

Sometimes itís difficult not to think of those who work in sales as anything more than the slick late night used car sales people from days gone by. However, much has changed over the last 30 years, especially when it comes to sales strategies.

Heading into 2013 itís critical for your sales team to understand what factors will affect them in the year ahead and how they can utilize their skills, knowledge, and business tools to be successful.

  • Technology. As technology takes over how companies conduct business, sales professionals will need to be more tech-savvy than ever before. They will need to understand databases, CRM, and software as well as the Cloud and social media. The need to provide customized solutions that leverage technology requires a new viewpoint. The ability to utilize social media to not only share data and information, but to market their own and the companyís brand and reputation becomes a priority.
  • Relationship building. Gone are the days when people in sales fought amongst themselves for leads and territory. While sales professionals in 2013 must understand and anticipate customer needs, they also must leverage partnerships with fellow sales reps and marketing leaders. This new breed truly understands the importance of marketing partnerships, mentoring, collaboration, and brand ambassadors.
  • Customer orientation. In 2013, the focus is on customer needs above all else. The best sales strategies are those that leverage technology to make efficient, scalable, personalized solutions for customers. The top sales professionals will develop the relationships required to ensure that the organization delivers what the customer needs now and proactively anticipate what the customer needs later.

In the New Year, sales professionals arenít just those who work in sales now. Sales professionals likely will come from all areas within business – wherever the organization can find bright, articulate, proactive, tech-savvy individuals who understand the importance of customers and building relationships.

Sales strategies are about what actions you and your organization need to take to land a sale. One of your top priorities must be to build a sales team poised to take on the future. Thatís where 3rd Eagle can help.

We offer sales and marketing assistance to help you build strategic alliances, power partnerships, and a strong sales team. Contact us today for assistance in developing your sales and marketing strategies.


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