Is there an alliance for IoT marketplace?

If you know about the Internet of Things, than you know the next big thing. And it is already happening! The evolution of computing moved forward by combining computing and connectivity to change our world.

The basic concept is that makers of “things” will make them so that they can wirelessly connect to other “things” to create better solutions for people. Want an example? You have probably heard about the driverless cars being developed. They actually do very well, but the difficulty for them is knowing what cars with drivers will do. We all know human drivers are unpredictable! So imagine if all cars are able to connect wirelessly to other cars in the space around them.

This is our dream so let’s make it a circle with a .5 mile radius giving a 1 mile circle inside of which every vehicle is transmitting basic data to vehicles 1 mile away. Just like airplanes have an IFF transponder to identify them to other places, each vehicle would have a unique identifier. Then each vehicle creates a dynamic analogue of the vehicles around it and knows what direction they all are going and what speed. If one put on its brakes or a turn signal, that information is incorporated into the analogue. Now both driverless cars and driver cars know both the current situation and can figure out the future based on the inputs from all around them. This works – and planes do it now in 3 dimensions!

But, for this to succeed there is an alliance so that each vehicle can receive and send data to the others. Standardization on signals and data format is required, just for example. Can this happen?

Sure! Right now, Intel has a Solutions Alliance with over 400 global companies to do just that. The intent is creating scalable, interoperable solutions that foster the deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics. They believe the advantages are leading-edge solutions, faster time to market, access to design and development expertise, broad selection of already created solutions, and long life-cycle support.

There was also an announcement that the OSGi Alliance, a worldwide consortium of technology innovators, launched a new expert group to provide modular solutions to IoT. One can tap into the OSGi IoT ecosystem to create a modular architecture.

Other alliance organizations continue to grow, such as: AllSeen Alliance, Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), Internet Protocol for Smart Objects (IPSO) Alliances, Open Interconnect Consortium and Thread Group. Hopefully they don’t all go in different directions, but focus on interconnection and final solutions.

So, the alliance for IoT marketplace is going gangbusters! Like the beginning of the article said, the next big thing is here.

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