The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend: Why Defiance of Business Alliances Doesn’t Fly

My Enemy = My Friend-Leveraging and employing business alliances are more commonplace than ever before. The antiquated idiom of, “The enemy of my enemy, is also my friend,” doesn’t seem to carry any weight, especially considering today’s digital world.

More importantly, if we were to join the Twitter-verse, post, pin, snap and chat with social networking online, business may be left behind. Business sites, like LinkedIn, outshine the herd as a more valuable source of professional information and vital business connections. This avenue brings a better perspective into the intrinsic value of engagement into an arena that is vital to business partnerships.

Embrace and not isolate

Instead of isolating ourselves from the competition, we embrace our fellow business people as allies rather than obstacles. Rather than shutting them out as enemies, we are connecting and communicating with them openly, referring to them as valuable alliance partners. Businesses reap tremendous rewards within this type of relationship.

Connecting against tradition

What would happen if you forget current online marketing techniques, like the practice of social media networking by getting the most friends, likes and followers?  By reaching out to our fellow businesses, connecting with them intellectually and emotionally, on professional, face-to-face and social platforms, has many rewards.

What was once competing with the “other guy” is now connecting with those companies that share similar strengths and struggles. You end up sharing failures and successes. Beating them to the punch is now bargaining with benefits. Being an innovator is one thing, but being a strategic partner in today’s overly saturated marketplace is now investing in the common good of the industry as a whole. We all grow the marketplace to benefit the end user. That’s the true value of B2B marketing in today’s digital age.

Flying Against a Headwind 

In the past, businesses would avoid contact with their competitors, fearing the loss of customers to their counterparts. With today’s valuable B2B connections, you embrace your fellows. You share valuable insights, recognize trends inside the marketplace, share relevant information, but more importantly, you engage in sales between partners. Everyone grows.

For more information about how business alliances can benefit your marketing, advertising, future development and growth, please contact us today. At 3rd Eagle, we can show you ways to help your business fly instead of flop!

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